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About us

What if there was a home decor store with all unique and trending products you can't find in just any retail chain?

Are you searching for home decor that's different? Can't seem to find those perfectly unusual and interesting pieces at Home Goods and Wayfair? Welcome to the online outlet store for unique, custom and contemporary home decor and wall art. Rouse the Room was created in the lows of a "decorator's slump" which occurs from over exposure to the same, boring, mainstream home furnishing products and the scarcity of affordable, new and interesting home decor items.

Now, you can shop all the unique home decor and wall art products in one convenient online marketplace. The rare home accessories and gifts featured in our store are exclusively chosen for those with a flare for interior design, unique taste and an eye for pieces with personality. For a product to be featured in our Rouse the Room home decor website store, it must have all 3 of the following distinctive characteristics.

All Rouse the Room Decor Pieces Share the Following:

1. Decor that's Unique

We search far and wide to keep our store stocked with home and wall decor that is NOT considered mainstream. Much of our decor inventory is found outside of the United States in order to tap into a less saturated market of rare designs.Many of our decoration pieces are handmade using quality materials and our creative wall hangings are so rich in unique detail, they look like custom-made art.

2. Decor Pieces that Transform

Our decor pieces don't just decorate, they transform your space. We feature room decor and wall art that is large in size, come in sets, and/or are so eye-catching that they alone MAKE a room.

3. Decor Discounts

On top of striving to find cool, cutting-edge and rare decor, Rouse the Room only features items that we can make affordable. In proof, the majority of our inventory (over 80%) is priced under $50! Can you say NO to decorating your home, loft, apartment or business with designer pieces for under $50? "Prestige without the Pompous Price" we like to say.



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